Message from the ADM Champions

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The 150th anniversary of Canada’s Confederation was an opportunity for the federal public service to reflect on its history, current capacities, and the challenges ahead. To mark this moment, we launched Canada Beyond 150, a 10-month professional development program for a talented cohort of new public servants. For one day each week, the participants applied innovative tools and ways of thinking to pressing policy issues. They learned how to do foresight analysis, used design-thinking principles, and engaged with the people directly impacted by the federal government’s policy decisions. Throughout, the participants diligently applied what they learned to real concerns of Canadians.

In these pages, you will read the findings of the Canada Beyond 150 program. We hoped that we could learn from the program and from the participants’ work. We did. In many ways, Canada Beyond 150 was a test kitchen for 21st-century approaches to creating policy with Canadians. Our participants embraced an open, collaborative approach to doing policy that can help shift the culture of the public service. They embraced creativity and innovation to address the big challenges of the day. These efforts will make a contribution to policy making in the public service. And they will inspire further reflection across the Government of Canada—in policy shops, program sectors, and client service offices. All aspects of government could benefit from elements of foresight, design thinking, and particularly the transformative power of meaningful engagement with Canadians.

We are proud of the participants’ efforts, sincerity and commitment to the program. We observed their development as policy thinkers and public servants. We trust that the participants will continue to be agents of change for a public service culture that is open, creative, and collaborative by default.

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Isabelle Mondou
Assistant Secretary, Priorities and Planning
Privy Council Office
James Gilbert
Assistant Deputy Minister of the Public Affairs
and Stakeholder Relations Branch,
Employment and Social Development Canada