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“The Legacy of canada@150”

We recently sat down with canada@150 alumni Mark Matz Executive Director of Oceans Protection Plan Operations at Transport Canada. In the podcast he speaks to his former experience as Privy Council Office’s Project lead of canada@150.

In the podcast he speaks to how canada@150 in its conception back in 2007 was a leadership development program that sought to explore different ways of collaborating, working together and approaching policy problems. In the interview he highlights how canada@150 inspired a technological component to collaboration in the Public Service. He also highlights policy horizon’s instrumental role in piloting foresight as a key tool for policy development.

Transcript available below:

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“Artificial Intelligence is Canada’s Game”

We recently sat down with canada@150 alumni Michael Karlin. In the podcast, he speaks to the foresight tools he learned in canada@150 and how it shaped the work that he does today looking at Artificial Intelligence and the Automation of work for Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat’s Chief Information Officer Branch, where he specializes in Digital Service Policy and Strategy.

In the interview he takes listeners into the future of work. He provokes listeners to think about the importance of foresight in designing policy that can ensure the political class is able to “run the ship far into the future”.

Transcript available below:

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Social Media for Govvys

Social media is an evolving ecosystem that is becoming increasingly important for networking, professional development and personal growth. It has been a game changer for me in my public service career, helping me realize that I have colleagues outside my small work unit in Prince Edward Island that are passionate about making a difference in the public service. If it weren’t for social media magically melting away departmental and regional boundaries, I would not have been able to connect with, and learn from, so many of my Government of Canada colleagues.

As you embark on Canada Beyond 150, I strongly encourage you to be social media ambassadors. Use this unique opportunity to get familiar with social media, to network with experts and those outside of government. Share your journey with colleagues as you collaborate, innovate, share and “work smarter” —beyond organizational and regional boundaries. Your commitment and efforts will help shape and prepare the public service for the workplace of the future.

“Share your journey with colleagues as you collaborate, innovate, share and “work smarter” —beyond organizational and regional boundaries.”

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Welcome to New Participants from a canada@150 Alumni – Jodi LeBlanc

Nine years ago, Jodi LeBlanc was fixing computers and working for the IT Division of Veterans Affairs Canada when she was selected for Canada Beyond 150’s previous initiative, canada@150. At that point in her career, she admits, she didn’t fully understand how government worked as a whole system of interconnected departments, crown corporations and functional communities. Applying to canada@150  would change that.

“It transformed how I looked at the Government of Canada. I was connected to 150 engaged colleagues from across Canada. The experience strengthened my network and reinforced the importance of collaborating across regional and departmental boundaries. The sky is the limit of what you can do when you work with a passion for the Public Service.”

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