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Next Stop: Winnipeg

Our participants have set a course for Winnipeg, Manitoba, where they will hold an important work meeting where the teams will start to explore policy challenges and their possible solutions. The participants will also take advantage of this meeting to share their analysis of the theme they studied.

Why Winnipeg?

As Doug Collins said, to change a team you need to change its comfort zone! A comfort zone is like a bubble, a universe that is familiar to us. It’s safe, but it stops at the unknown. It’s important to push the limits in order to grow. The decision to hold the mid-project meeting in Winnipeg was deliberate—first of all, we wanted our participants to meet outside of the National Capital Region, get out of their comfort zone or “bubble” and get comfortable with the unknown to help their professional development.

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Policy is an answer…

… to the question, “What should we do?”

We have answers to what we must do. Those are laws and regulations.

And we have answers for how we should do things. We observe, listen, and consult; we engage and design.

Research gives us facts about what we could do, and various approaches to doing it. Analysis tells us whether those approaches are any good or not. They can be qualitative, quantitative, experimental – you name it. But that’s what they do.

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What’s this all for, really? – A note to Canada Beyond 150 participants from a member of the project design team

As the project work for Canada Beyond 150 kicks off, it’s natural to want to align your efforts to a final product. As participants in a policy development initiative, you might reasonably speculate: Is this about creating a new policy or program? Is this about developing a new tool that could help the Government of Canada better deliver services? Or is this about something different altogether, something that I haven’t yet imagined?

As one of the project planners for Canada Beyond 150, I know that the project is designed to have very real and tangible outcomes. Each of you will help develop policy prototypes to test and refine in collaboration with stakeholders and partners in the civil service and beyond. Along the way, you will also build up your policy knowledge base, assemble a new and innovative toolkit of methods and approaches, and forge enduring relationships with stakeholders and partners.

I will add that there are very likely to be a number of intangible outcomes too. Outcomes that we can’t strictly speaking “plan” for, but outcomes that will contribute to culture change, enhanced capacity in the policy community, and better results for Canadians all the same.

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A Day in the Mind of a Government Graphic Designer

When you meet someone for the first time, one of the most common questions is about your career. Usually, when someone asks me what I do for a living and I tell them I’m a graphic designer, they respond enthusiastically “Wow! Where?” But when I tell them something like, “With the Government for an organization called . . .” I don’t even get a chance to finish my sentence before being met with a disinterested “Oh . . .”  Just because I work for the Government doesn’t mean I make boring things!

When the Canada Beyond 150 project launched in June 2017, people asked me if the visuals had been done by an agency. They were surprised to learn that the designs were done internally and by a public servant. This just goes to show that government graphic designers as just as capable of creating dynamic, modern visuals.
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