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Author: Greg White

Greg thought studying international development and globalization would broaden his horizons and realized that all it took was minoring in women’s studies. Skilled in the art of conversation. Active listener who loves to get his hands dirty and deliver complex projects. Happy to collaboratively pave the way where needed.

Life as a Professional Guinea Pig: Living the Experiment

Retrospectively speaking, my first seven years in the public service have followed a random path: I’ve segued from real property corporate reporting, to IT projects and portfolio management, to working as a Free Agent acting as a federal regulations policy analyst. I’ve also worked on side projects for the government that were driven by my personal passions and interests (like workplace giving, mobile app development, and connecting people through youth networks). As I moved from junior analyst, to project manager, to supervisor, and enjoyed the experiences these positions offered, I realized diversity of experience has been the name of my game, and that experimentation (whether I was the tester or the tested) has been the defining element of that game.

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