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Author: Daphne Guerrero

Daphne Guerrero is one of Canada’s Free Agents. A public servant in the Canadian government for over 15 years, Daphne brings innovation and deep insight to her work as a public policy and communications professional. She has led and supported innovation initiatives at a human-centered design lab within the federal government’s largest service delivery organization; managed engagement and outreach efforts for Canada’s privacy commissioner; and is currently on assignment at Policy Horizons Canada where she is thrilled to be supporting Canada Beyond 150. Prior to joining the federal public service, Daphne was a press secretary to two federal cabinet ministers and worked on digital and media literacy initiatives with the nonprofit MediaSmarts.

“Can you hear me now?” – Tips to Improve Virtual Participation

Almost a quarter of the participants in the Canada Beyond 150 project live and work outside of the National Capital Region. They’re expected to contribute to the project in the same way their Ottawa- and Gatineau-based colleagues do, but the task hasn’t been easy. And for many of them, this isn’t a new challenge either.

Here are some do’s and don’ts we learned from working with our participants in the region.

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