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Policy is an answer…

… to the question, “What should we do?”

We have answers to what we must do. Those are laws and regulations.

And we have answers for how we should do things. We observe, listen, and consult; we engage and design.

Research gives us facts about what we could do, and various approaches to doing it. Analysis tells us whether those approaches are any good or not. They can be qualitative, quantitative, experimental – you name it. But that’s what they do.

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Stuart Forestell works in Priorities and Planning with the Privy Council office, where he provides advice on issues in the justice, transport, infrastructure, trade, and national security and defence portfolios. He has previously worked in cyber security policy and health policy. His background is in the arts and humanities, with a focus on the philosophy of the ancient Greeks, the modern Germans, and the post-modern French.

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